Tournament Information

The tournament will take place through August 1st and August 8th. Each subject will be played on a different day throughout the week. MIST has 5 subjects — Earth and Space Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Math — and 2 days with all subjects, one day for novice and one day for competitive.

At the end of the 7 days, on August 8th there will be an optional final competition with custom teams based on performances in the last 7 days. Participants can play in any number of subjects they wish to compete in, but they may not compete in both novice and competitive for one subject (you may play in competitive for one subject, and novice for another).



This tournament is for everyone, but it’s highly recommended high schoolers with a high amount of experience to compete in the Competitive division instead of Novice, and it is mandatory for participants from high school teams that qualified for Science Bowl Nationals participate in the Competitive division. Mods have the right to deny registration for the Novice division or registration for the tournament entirely, but almost everybody is welcome to compete in the Competitive division, although you may be asked to switch to the Novice division.



Subject Competitions:

Each day there will be one category’s competition. Novice division’s competition will run from about 11am EDT to 3pm EDT (this can change based on the subject and how many people compete). The Competitive division’s competition will run from 4pm EDT to 10pm EDT (this can also change based on the subject and how many people compete, it may overlap with the Novice division if necessary). The days each category will be held are August 1st through August 5th, First will be Math, then Physics, then Chemistry, then Biology, then Earth and Space. The format will start with Round Robin then advance to Double Elimination. August 1st we will go over the procedures for the tournament and host the math tournament, on August 2nd we will host the Physics tournament, on August 3rd there will be the Chemistry tournament, and on August 4th there will be the Biology tournament, and finally on August 5th we will be holding the Earth and Space tournament.

All Subjects Competition (ASC):

The Novice ASC will be held on August 6th and the Competitive division’s ASC will be held on August 7th. All subjects will be read. The competition’s format will be the same as the subject competitions with divisions of Round Robin, with estimating 10 divisions and 16 people per division, and 4 people advance per division to Double Elimination and then Semi-Finals and Finals. There will also be Consolation brackets for Subject competitions and ASC with more information below.

Final Custom Team Competition (FCTC):

FCTC has been cancelled.

The tournament will also have Single Elimination rounds for Consolation if you did not make Double Elimination after the Round Robin for both the subject competitions and ASC (All Subject Competitions).

The entire tournament will be held via Discord voice chat on the MIST Server. Specific schedules will be released here.



To register fill out this form: MIST Participant Registration. We will send an invoice for the registration with the payment cost and payment details and registration.

Registration is due by Friday July 30th at 11:59 PM EDT. After this date registrations may be taken into consideration, but are not guaranteed. If you wish to withdraw your registration please contact us before Friday July 30th.


Interest in Question Writing, Moderating, or Play-Testing

If you’d like to question write or playtest for this tournament please contact us through the methods listed above or fill out this form: Play-Testing or Question Writing Sign-Up Form.

If you would be interested in reading/moderating for the tournament please fill out this form here: Moderator/Reader Sign-Up Form.


Dates of the Tournament

May 31 → Early Bird Registration ends
June 1 - July 16 → Normal Registration
July 17 → Late Registration Begins
July 30 → All Registrations Due
August 1 → Introduction and Math Tournament (postponed)
August 2 → Physics Tournament
August 3 → Chemistry Tournament
August 4 → Biology Tournament
August 5 → Earth Science Tournament
August 6 (postponed) → Novice All Subjects Tournament
August 7 (postponed) → Advanced/Competitive All Subjects Tournament
August 8 → FCTC (cancelled) and Award Ceremony

Exact dates might be switched and timings are coming soon.


Cost for Registration

As of right now, there is an Early Bird discount for the competition. Early bird ends May 31st at 11:59 PM EDT. The prices to register for the first competition that you are interested in is 7 dollars including the ASC (All Subjects Competition) and the team competition, and each subsequent competition will cost 7 dollars more. So participating in 3 competitions such as math, biology, and All Subjects will cost 21 dollars. These prices may change in the future.

Normal registration will go from June 1st at 12:00 AM EDT to July 16th 11:59 PM EDT. Price for normal registration will be 12 dollars for any competition and 7 for each subsequent competition.

Late registration starts July 17th at 12:00 AM EDT. Price for late registration will be 15 for any competition and 6 for each subsequent competition.

As we do not want price to be a limiting factor in the participation in the tournaments, contact us if you are unable to pay and we can surely work something out.

After registering via the Google Form, we will send an invoice with the registration and the payment details.

Any donations can be sent via PayPal to



The prizes for the tournament are to be decided.



We’re currently sponsored by Art of Problem Solving (AOPS.)


Additional Information

Tiebreakers: Ties will be broken by reading 5 extra questions if the set has not finished.

Visual Bonuses: Visual Bonuses will be in the Double Elimination rounds towards the end, and will be at least 2 parts and at max 4 parts. Each part will earn 5 points, and you can have a maximum of 20 points per Visual Bonus.


Contact Information

Any questions can be directed to can also contact us via discord with through the MIST server.